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Facing shortage of tech experts, new recruiting firm hopes to locate top talent

Innovative Alliance draws from nearly 15 years of tech-recruiting expertise


Los Angeles , California  — Google the words “tech talent shortage” and pages full of articles will appear portending a global shortage of data scientists, software engineers and other tech-minded professionals in the years to come. The well-documented tech talent shortage is an epidemic of global proportions.

One new recruiting firm hopes to change this by employing their expert team in matching top tech talent in a range of disciplines with employers across industries in the commercial and government sectors.

Innovative Alliance, headquartered in Los Angeles, was founded by a senior sourcing recruiter with close to 15 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies. Anita Endjilian draws from her unique educational background in both communications and engineering to identify top tech talent for companies large and small. With 15 years of experience as a recruiter, her expertise encompasses understanding emerging technologies and identifying experienced talent for those difficult-to-fill technical positions. To date, she has filled hundreds of positions for companies like Visa, Booz Allen Hamilton and Broadcom.

“I hear from so many companies hungry for talent in a wide array of technologies,” Endjilian said. “These candidates can be very hard to find without the type of expertise our team has at Innovative Alliance. We know how to locate the right candidates and help companies cultivate those relationships that lead to happy hires. Our goal is to play a part in ending the tech talent shortage so employers and their teams can get to work on innovations that make the world a better place.”

As emerging technologies threaten to disrupt the world of business in the 21st century, Endjilian and her team at Innovative Alliance are forging ahead on the front lines, staying current on all the latest tech talent trends while employing tried-and-true best practices in recruiting to match top candidates with employers.

Through her new firm, she will identify qualified executives and emerging leaders as well as senior experts for hard-to-fill positions in information technology and information systems, software engineering, information assurance, systems engineering, wireless applications, hardware, GIS, cybersecurity, virtual reality, semiconductors, digital and social media, data science, machine learning and ICS/IoT, particularly in the healthcare, finance, geospatial, biosciences, defense, media, entertainment and oil and gas industries, among others.

“My team and I will be doing whatever it takes to connect the top minds in emerging technologies like machine learning and IoT with the companies that need these brilliant people,” Endjilian said. “Our goal is to turn the impending tech talent crisis into an opportunity and help fill jobs.”

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